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By providing a high-level command-based system for performing NFC operations, the TappyBLE provides a simple way to interact with NFC stags without forcing developers to read through tag datasheets and industry standards. In addition, TapTrack has already produced utilities to allow customers to use the Tappy for several common uses without having to develop anything themselves. The TappyBLE communicates over Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low-Energy) and is rechargable via a USB power connection. For further information on the TappyBLE’s specifications, please consult the datasheet .

Using the TappyBLE

If you wish to start reading and writing to tags immediately, TapTrack has developed both an Android app and an iOS app to allow the user to try out the TappyBLE’s most popular features without developing anything themselves. For further details on using the TappyBLE, please read the user manual .

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Note: in order to use the mobile apps, your device will have to support Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low-Energy) as well as be running Android 4.4/iOS 8.0 or later.


If your use case requires custom application development, TapTrack provides free and open source SDKs for several platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and NodeJS. Additionally, a full set of documentation of the Tappy’s features is available for integrators who wish to undertake a custom project.

Advanced Variants

In addition to the standard TappyUSB available here, variants supporting advanced operations such as reading ePassports or providing specialized functionality such as a dedicated stand-alone checkin station are also available. If you think you might be interested in one of these variants, please contact us to request further information.