This page describes TapTrack’s privacy policy for users of apps we publish on the Google Play Store. It applies to the following apps:

  • Cashless Payments Demo
    • com.taptrack.melanocephala
  • TapLead
    • com.taptrack.taplead
  • TapLead Registration Demo
    • com.taptrack.tapleadprogrammer
  • TapStock
    • com.taptrack.assettracker
  • TapTrack Platform Programmer
    • com.taptrack.taptrackprogrammer
  • Tappy & Built-In NFC Keyboard Entry
    • com.taptrack.tappyime.onboard
  • Tappy External NFC
    • com.taptrack.roaring
  • Tappy Listener
    • com.taptrack.echimamish
  • Tappy NFC Keyboard Entry
    • com.taptrack.tappyime
  • Tappy NFC Reader
    • com.taptrack.bletappyexample
  • TappyBLE Heartbeat External NFC (Kiosk Mode)
    • com.taptrack.carrot
  • TappyTag Demo
    • com.taptrack.readtappytag
  • TrustTap Sample
    • com.taptrack.trusttap

Information TapTrack Collects

TapTrack does not collect any personal information when you install any of the apps listed above. Users of the apps listed above are not required to create an account, nor are they required to provide an email address or any personal information to use the the apps listed above.

Open Source Apps

The majority of the apps listed above are open source, feel free to review the source code at our Github page: